Check this out. It’s a “map” of books linked to one another by purchasing histories at The point is how little shared knowledge/interpretation of the world there appears to be between those on the Left and those on the Right.

On a related note, The Daily Show (TDS) guest last night has written a book titled something like “100 People Who Are Destroying America”. John Stewart was struggling to keep his composure, but he did admit that there are people on the Left doing this kind of bashing as well.

Wouldn’t a book with the same title be fascinating for everyone if it was a sober, insightful look at 50 on the Left and 50 on the Right Who Are Keeping Dialog Thin and Harsh in America? I think I might actually want to read something like that? Whatever happened to idealism?

I’m here in Middlebury, Vermont at the Digital Gaming Seminar, and our host, Jason Mittell, suggested in a discussion about American politics that nobody believes the political process works anymore. The degree of cynicism is incredibly high. If this is true–and many believe it is–wouldn’t it be best to just throw the whole system out and start over? Is inertia so powerful that, even though we believe it doesn’t work, we’d rather keep it than try to make something better? Or are we so cynical that we believe nothing can be done?