Catchy Colors Photoblog is a cool website. Check it out.

But this entry is about how amazingly referential our society is today (if it ever wasn’t is much less clear). I’m making an entry in my blog about a site suggested to me through StumbleUpon, which tries to marry others’ interests with your own. The site is a blog of other people’s photos posted to Flickr, a site that tries to marry others’ photos together by the tags they create. And, of course, these photos are of all kinds of things and have been taken for all kinds of reasons.

I’m not so much amazed at the possibilities for interconnection or for the ability to compile social knowledge, though these things are significant and important aspects of web life. Nor do I necessarily agree with postmodernist arguments for the hyper-prevalence of surface in our lives–meaning is what it is: humans way to communicate and share something of themselves with others. Sharing something someone else said or produced about something or someone else said or produced is no less important, if less singular or potentially unique in many cases, than the more radically creative acts of artists.