Differences & Repetitions-Ted Striphas

[So maybe this won’t be so regular after all.]

This is a blog written by a new member of my (hopefully soon to be) old grad school program. He has gotten me thinking about a couple of things regarding cultural and media studies.

First, I’m hoping the reference to Burke in his upcoming book title is as overt as it appears to me, as I would love to see an entire work that connects Burke and Media Studies.

Second, I am using Grossberg’s textbook for my Intro to Media Studies course, so I am glad to know there are others out there who support his work in Cultural Studies.

Third, I’m glad to be made aware of the Cultural Studies special issue on IP, as it is increasingly becoming one of my areas of interest.

Finally, his argument in the blog makes me want to read some “D+G” as he succinctly calls them, because I have never read their work but see them referenced often. Hopefully this summer the dis will be done and I can spend some time developing new coursework.

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