Yeah.  Just heard on Tekzilla about Flock, and honestly it seems pretty cool.  It allows me to use my webmail, rss reader, facebook and other social networking accounts, and some web media streams likes flickr all in the same browser-style interface.

Supposedly, you can also post directly to your blog, just by logging into it (as I did for my reader, webmail, and facebook).  But I’ve got several blogs under the same Blogger account.  So what’s gonna happen when I hit publish?  If you’re reading this, it worked like a charm, allowing me to choose this blog and not one of my many other blogs I use for coursework.

Edit: That worked really well–I love the simple interface that shows all your blogs, and the options (like the “Blogged by Flock” insert below) are useful if you want them. If you want to check out this thingy, just click on over there.

Blogged with the Flock Browser