My first post back in a while, and it won’t be long.  Just want to draw people’s attention to Andrew Sullivan‘s coverage of the iran election uproar (as well as Clay Shirky’s comments on TEDblog).

What I find so important about how Sullivan has chosen to address the use of Twitter in the protests and organization is his consistent reminders that what we in the West are getting is provisional, but not useless (here is one example of this line of argument).  Honestly, this strikes me as deeply similar to the approach to knowledge gathering in a contingent environment that professional journalists take (i.e., always be sure to corroborate a statement from a second independent source before (in this case) re-tweeting or posting, and continue thereafter to check what you’ve already accepted against emerging facts in the field).

Of course, it means you will frequently have to admit error or lack of full knowledge, but these are entirely acceptable positions if the result is a more efficient and effective means to contingent knowledge.