Once again, David Parry offers another provocative stance on the impacts digital networked media have wrought / are working on us.  Helpful for time-hungry web readers are his bullet thoughts on ways we can start changing our approach to scholarship now:

  • Stop Publishing in Closed Systems
  • Self Publish
  • End the .pdf madness
  • Get Over Peer Review
  • Aspire to Be a Curator
  • Think Beyond the Book

(See the full article for the details.)

Of these, I’m most partial the fifth — “Aspire to be a Curator” — as it applies directly both to scholarship and to teaching for me: we should think of ourselves as a nexus of information, a conduit, one means to channel/filter our collective knowledge and understanding in ways that enlighten and enliven our students and provide them with the tools to activate their learning independent of us.

Many or even most faculty already do this to some extent already, but I have to agree with David here that the book’s material form and ideological practices discourage this kind of active learning.  If the book is a place where the information lives, then it becomes easy enough to simply leave it there.