Glad to see the nation’s Library is pickin’ up what we’ve been puttin’ down.  Jason Mittell does a good job summarizing most of the ways this will impact faculty and students in his guest post for the Chronicle.  I just sent a message to my College’s faculty yesterday with a very similar summary.

Of course there are lots of ways these new exemptions still leave much media use and production untouched.  For example, our own Librarian responded to my message already, pointing out that many faculty would like to screen films they use in their classes for the public, unaware that the law requires them to pay licensing fees to companies like Swank in order to do so (because “the public” is not a group covered under the Copyright Act’s “fair use” provisions — education is, but that has been historically fairly narrowly interpreted to only include students enrolled in a particular course).

Still, these new exemptions widen considerably the leeway I, my students, and my fellow faculty have to generate clips for use in class and around campus, which empowers all of us in a remarkable way.