…In no way literally.  Just summer.  But ready to get back to work.  Things on my mind these days that I’m hoping to write more about in the coming weeks:

  • What is the role of non-industry-oriented digital media production in a Media Studies program?
  • How much a part of a games education within a Media Studies program ought to involve the study of non-digital games?
  • What are we really asking students to reflect on and practice when we teach Screenwriting in a liberal arts context?
  • Is it productive to maintain a distinction between “digital story” and “video essay” when discussing new media forms?
  • Is Digital Humanities problematic in the way Ian Bogost describes?  If not, why not, and if so, are those problems surmountable?  And how so?

All of this is on my mind.  Plus my 3-year-old seems to hate school.  Why.  Why?!  Hopefully I’ll get to some of it between class-related posts this semester.