I thought it might be fun to see which sites Chrome pulls up for me in its autocomplete URL address bar.  So here they are, My ABCs of Chrome Autocomplete URLs:

  • Austincollege.edu (where I work)
  • Boessen.wordpress.com (this blog)
  • Calendar.google.com
  • Docs.google.com
  • Echobazaar.failbettergames.com (great game!)
  • Facebook.com
  • Google.com
  • Hopper.austincollege.edu (my institution’s online portal-thing)
  • Iaman00b.wordpress.com (student’s blog for my Games and Culture class)
  • Jdprice13.wordpress.com (another student’s blog)
  • Kayak.com
  • Maps.google.com
  • Netflix.com
  • Osram.com (this is a little bizarre — I visited this site once two weeks ago looking for replacement bulbs for the media production equipment I supervise)
  • Pandora.com
  • Quickscreenshare.com (cool webapp I was pointed to for low-hassle screen sharing)
  • Reader.google.com
  • Shermanisd.net (local school system)
  • Thatcamp.org (I’ve been to two of these in the past six months and am scheduled for a third in January 2012)
  • Ultimate-guitar.com (I like to play)
  • Valuesatplay.org (neat site focused on serious game design)
  • WordPress.com
  • (first hit in Chrome is “xbox”)
  • Youtube.com
  • (first hit in Chrome is “zillow”)

I’d say this is somewhat illuminating of my habits and interests, at least in terms of the sites I visit often:  higher ed (especially my institution and students’ work), the Googleverse.  The rare letters like Q, X, and Z are not surprising, but there are a few head-scratchers that I’m guessing have more to do with the way Chrome archives web history than anything personal about me.

Anyhoo, maybe this will start a FB trend or something.

NB — I don’t think this works in Firefox because of the way ff searches its web history.  I tried it on my wife’s ff and it brought back all kinds of weird stuff.