I’m a week into the semester, and I’m thinking a lot about how many different times I’ve already discussed the fundamentals of narrative: what it is, what it is not, its core components, and ways to develop your own story.  This semester, I’m teaching both Digital Video Production I and Screenwriting, which both begin with this topic.  Plus, I just finished the Go Fellowship digital storytelling workshop this weekend, where we discussed narrative as well.

A useful aspect of this gauntlet of narrative is that I can alter and/or augment what I’ve discussed in previous sessions during later ones.  Unfortunately, it also means I tend to forget which group of students got this anecdote or that example (I hate to use the same material repeatedly unless its really excellent for the point I’m making).

One place I’m not talking much about narrative (yet) is in my freshmen seminar on games and culture, although we’re still working at the fundamental level, discussing the nature of play via Johan Huizinga’s work, Homo Ludens.  So far, the class seems like they’re really leaning forward into the material.  Let’s hope that continues as they begin to be inundated with work in their other courses.