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  1. Comments for originalrealkid’s 0.1 beta:
    – The “give them to your brother” side of this version is much more developed and nuanced than the “freak out” side: there are more options that somewhat subtly lead to a diversity of outcomes, whereas on the other side, the user hits the ends of those story threads much more quickly.
    – the “freak out” side that leads to a bully encounter is a little awkward here because there’s no check to see if you’ve done the eating piece on the other side. Consider adding an “if” statement to check for this.
    – This story is working well right now as a CYOA, but it needs statistics/tracking variables to help give the user more agency in how their choices affect the game. What are some variables that the character in this story might be able to influence?

  2. The goals of Logan’s game are to defend someone through a trial and make the choices that allow the defendant to walk free. The main thing moving the game along is the trial segment of the game, in my opinion. This game is fun because allows people to play lawyer without going to law school, and it concerns murder which is an intruiging topic. Some of the stock “lorem ipsum” text makes this game slightly confusing, but for the most part the important aspects of the game are explained and the structure is not difficult to navigate at all. This game could possibly be improved with a little more detail about choices like the juries, or the maid defense argument- these weren’t really explained in the game, although I’m not sure how to go about doing that- maybe add the “hint” feature Dr. Boessen was talking about in class today, or just elaborate more on the choices? Good job at a first attempt.

  3. Comments for lmcclureblog’s 0.1 beta:
    – [Of course there’s a lot more to be fleshed out here in the story pieces themselves.]
    – When it comes to asking the user to choose among a range of options (like the overall approach to the case), it would be very helpful to use some (click:) or (display:) commands to provide the user with more information, should we need it.
    – I’d like to see more options to circle back to different options in the same playthrough, but of course that will require somehow tracking what happens in each interaction probably outside of the main “verdict” tracker.

  4. Comments for originalrealkid’s 0.1 beta:
    1. The goal of this game is to get through middle school and the social/personal issues that come with it. 2. The main game verbs/mechanics were choices of what to do, for example: I chose to give the gifts to my brother rather than freak out. 3. The humorous wording and relatable but funny scenarios make this game fun. 4. The only confusing part of the game to me was the goal. You get the idea at first that your goal is to make good choices for the situations at hand, but the full extent of the story is unknown as well as the end goal. I think that this can also be a good thing though, because rather than following a rigid, linear story that is all mapped out, it leaves it open. I think this leads to a funnier tone in a lot of instances. 5. The game could be improved by more narrative, a greater range of choices, and perhaps a slightly clearer goal/purpose.

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