Spring 2020: Doin’ All This Dope Producin’*

And away we go again! This semester, I’m focusing quite a bit on media making in different forms and contexts.

Because of other changes in the media studies curriculum here at AC intended to encourage students to see production/making and theory/criticism as more closely inter-related, I’ve renamed Digital Video Production II to Advanced Video Production. It is the same course – deeper focus on video production through a semester-long, group-produced short film – but without DVPI (it’s now Elements of Media Making), DVPII doesn’t make much sense). We should end up with two short films from the class, which we’ll screen at the end of the semester during finals week.

I’m also teaching Digital Networked Narratives, a course that offers a way for students to explore ways to tell stories with media other than video: image, sound, interactive tools, and social media. We’re using Bryan Alexander’s The New Digital Storytelling, 2nd edition to help frame the exercises and projects the students will be making in the course, and I’m very much looking forward to what the students in there will create.

Finally, I’m teaching Persuasive Media, a course I developed a few years back to help students think about the various ways media influence us. (It’s also a way for me to stay connected to the world of rhetorical studies, where I did a significant amount of my graduate studies and that formed the argument in my dissertation, and as a bonus, we watch several documentaries.) The focus of that course is more analytical than the other two, but I do have these students producing a rhetorical critique on the web that includes a video essay.

So for perhaps the first time since I’ve been at AC, all three of my courses in the same semester have a significant media making component. That’s something worth noting. 🙂

*The title references a line from NWA’s “Express Yourself” (1988).

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  1. This is relevant to a digital portfolio project we are working on. I started reading this without realizing who wrote it, and forwarded to an AC student for our project. Small world.

    1. Small world indeed! I’d be interested to hear more about your portfolio project when you have a second. 🙂

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