Fall 2016 Courses

This semester, I’ll be teaching three courses, linked below.

Digital Video Production I

image credit: Patty Mooney

New Media and Cultural Change

(link TBD;Syllabus and Schedule)

To vote on which tool we’ll use this semester, click here and choose your first through fifth choices.

NMCC Ngram

image credit: Google Ngram

Class Community Research Activity:

Broad Questions:
  • What makes the tool unique?
  • How does it encourage community?
  • Are there any other elements we should know about the tool before we vote?
Narrow Questions:
  • Is there a cost?
  • Can longer blocks of text (more than 300 words) be posted there?
  • Can images be posted there?
  • Can documents be uploaded/posted there?
  • Can individual users comment on each other’s work there?
  • Can it be made public?

When you’re done with your research, please input your responses to each question on this form. Here’s a link to the spreadsheet the form generates.

Media Studies Seminar: What is Film?


image credit: Wikipedia